George Phelps is a photographer and Greenwich native. He earned his BFA at St. Lawrence University (1979-1983) in Sculpture, Metal, Ceramic and Wood. After graduation, he taught art for a year at the Brunswick School. A passion for photography led him to the Rochester Institute of Technology where he earned a BA in Advertising Photography. Shortly thereafter, Phelps began working in New York City for fashion and celebrity photographers. He has shot images for Bloomingdale’s lingerie catalogs, movie posters and Rolling Stone covers. His most recent local shows have included the “Thank You Connecticut” show at the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery, the Stamford Art Walk, in the summers of 2018 and 2019 as well as the Arts Alive show at the Greenwich Arts Council, October - November 2018. While developing a fine art catalog of work that is separate from, yet influenced by, his years as a commercial photographer, Phelps has begun to include social messaging in his work, including themes of societal disorder. Phelps is also working with the Bold Beauty Project which seeks, through photography, to raise awareness of the strength, sensuality and spirit of women with various disabilities, thereby changing perceptions of beauty. Preparing now for Art Palm Beach, January 2020, Phelps is also helping introduce the Project in the tri-State area.


Artist Statement

My interest in photography began at an early age. In 1972, at the age of 12, I began photographing family trips. This led to an interest in how different aspects of the camera could influence the look of the image. At the age of 16, I saved until I was able to purchase a zoom lens with my own earnings. This helped me embark on a life-long interest in capturing and preserving ephemeral moments.

My work is influenced by the style of Henri Cartier-Bresson and I have a strong interest in capturing design elements in nature or in man-made structures. The beauty is truly in the details, and I am a big believer in experimenting with photography to capture something new.